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Hippy Chick Shops

ANTI-FASHION: our Collections do not follow the crazes of the Fashion Industry, which drive women to neurosis and anorexia. Instead, our focus is to make women feel beautiful, feminine, and find the Goddess within through the way they dress, wearing colors and styles they like. HIPPY CHICK: A REVOLUTION FROM THE GODDESS WITHIN EVERY WOMAN Hippy Chick is a revolution in fashion, following an ideology of Freedom, Respect to one's identity and Love for oneself, offering excellent quality, and standing off from the restless buy and drop that characterizes the current offer of the big companies who bring new collections every two months, driving consumers to buy and discard, with the consequence of not only contaminating the planet with an accumulation of chemical residues, packaging, etc... but also destroying women's identity.

Hippy Chick Shops
España Compras

13 Carrer la Santa Creu

Barrio: Ibiza
Teléfono: 971 39 93 65
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Website: Visita la pagina web
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