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Hapinnez Ibiza

Comercio | Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Hapinnez Ibiza

Welcome to Happinez Ibiza! Partner off www.ibizadiferente.nl In our unique shop you can find everything you need to decorate and furnish your home! From minimalistic to Asian style furniture, for in-house or for the garden, for the kitchen or for the bedroom, our choice is big. Happinez Ibiza is not there just for your home, it's also there for you! We have a beautiful variety of jewelry, fashion, body-care products, children's toys and gifts for young and old! In Happinez Ibiza you will find brands like Colorique, Imbarro, Zuiver, Oozoo and Lalay!

Hapinnez Ibiza
España Comercio

km 10 PM-803

Barrio: Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Teléfono: 971 80 09 17
E-mail: Mandar un email
Website: Visita la pagina web
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