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The necropolis of Puig des Molins

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Puig des Molins, the largest, best preserved necropolis from the Phoenician-Punic culture, with more than 3,000 tombs, is the site of the world's finest collection of Punic remains. The archaeological site Puig des Molins was Ibiza's cemetery from the time the town was founded by western Phoenicians in the late seventh century B.C.. The original necropolis was expanded during Punic times, specifically from the sixth century B.C. to the late first century A.D., and ended up occupying 50,000 square metres of land. The cemetery continued to be in use during Roman times. The slope of the mountain known as Puig des Molins is perforated by these small collective caves that were reached by an opening that was closed off with slabs of rock. The sarcophagi, in which up to four and 5 thousand hypogeum have been found, were located within the necropolis. The bodies were buried or cremated, depending on the period in question and trousseaus with hundreds of baked mud figures on them have been found. Some of these figures represent the deceased and others portray protective divinities and sacred animals. Amulets, glasses with offerings, jewels, skylights that served as lanterns for illumination, votive offerings and coins have been found next to them. The divine representations almost always depict Demeter and Persephone, goddesses that were worshiped throughout the entire Mediterranean in the second half of the fifth century B.C. Further information: Necrópolis Puig des Molins

The necropolis of Puig des Molins
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