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Delizia Ibiza is synonymous with pizzas and handmade pastas with authentic Italian recipe. You can enjoy a unique taste in its central balcony your order or request by TAKE AWAY service. In addition, every lunchtime menu available at great prices with guaranteed fresh produce and artisan processing 100%

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  • Delizia Ibiza

    Pizza molto buona, I love Ibiza

  • Delizia Ibiza

    A lovely place, the pizzas, my favorite food

  • Delizia Ibiza

    I like this place! Brillian

  • Delizia Ibiza

    Incredible pizzas in this place!

  • Delizia Ibiza

    Las pizzas están de lujo!

  • Delizia Ibiza

    Combinación increíble, comida riquísima, trato excelente, lugar acogedor....y precios económicos, quedamos encantados, totalmente recomendable ;-)

  • Delizia Ibiza

    Sehr schneller service und sehr billig!

  • Delizia Ibiza

    Pizzas muy ricas y un tiramisú excelente. Muy buena recomendación.

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Delizia Ibiza
スペイン イタリア料理

1 Passatge Castavi

Neighborhood: Ibiza
Telephone: 971 96 02 68
E-mail: Send an email
Website: Visit the website
1日8月 ~ 31日8月毎日 19:00 ~ 00:30
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