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The Marina Quarter in Ibiza

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The Marina Quarter in Ibiza

The Marina district next to the port of Ibiza is a maze of narrow streets lined with white-washed houses in which traditional craft shops stand side by side with brand boutiques and the island's typical Adlib fashion, which features white as its keynote colour. The Catalans conquered Ibiza in the thirteenth century and the Christians who ruled the island under the crown of Aragón began to build a new Renaissance fortification-cathedral on the site of an old Arab mosque in the walled enclosure. The city began expanding beyond the walls around this time and thus, the humble districts of Sa Penya and La Marina with their narrow whitewashed streets where fishermen and craftsmen lived were born. The old Marina district kept on expanding during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which is why the Estacada, a low wall that attempted to curb the spread, was erected. The city's continued growth throughout the nineteenth century led to the construction of the fish market and general market near the entrance to Dalt Vila and the first stockade was torn down and another one parallel to it erected all along what is Calle Conde Roselló today when a new and final extension known as Poble Nou was built. Nowadays, the Marina district is home to a number of fashion boutiques, handicrafts shops, bars, restaurants, art galleries and several small hotels, all of which make for an enjoyable stroll along its whitewashed side streets.

The Marina Quarter in Ibiza
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