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The Puerta del Mar

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The Puerta del Mar

This tour begins at the Puerta del Mar (Sea gate), which can be reached by a ramp that was built in 1870. Prior to that, there had been a zigzagging entrance that started from the Peixateria (fish-market) building in the La Marina neighbourhood. In 1641 a wooden drawbridge was built that led it to be called Portal de ses Taules. In the early 20th century this was replaced by a brick bridge. In the late 1980s an intervention was conducted that consisted of recovering the appearance that the gateway had with the drawbridge, and this is how it remains today. The date of 1585 which can be seen on the monumental gate (built in Palma) commemorates the official opening of the Puerta del Mar, not the walls themselves. The statues that flank the entrance were uncovered throughout the construction of the walls, and as they are Roman statues that were included as a classical reference, typical of the Renaissance style. Once past the entrance, you will reach the Patio de Armas (Weapons Courtyard), which has a built-in bench on the left hand side dating from the late 1980s. Beyond it is the Plaza de Vila.

The Puerta del Mar
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