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Ronda Calvi

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Ronda Calvi

This small tunnel leads us through the Portal Nou in the new walled premises. Then is where the climb to the highest part of Dalt Vila begins along the Ronda Calvi – the name of the stretch of the wall between the Sant Pere and Sant Jaume bulwarks, and between the latter and Sant Bernat. The Ronda Calvi, which can be travelled by means of an Italian ramp (which makes the climb easier) has been subjected to several different excavations and refurbishments, which have given it a great deal of historical interest today. These endeavours have unearthed and left exposed stretches of the former mediaeval fortress that help us to understand the existence of different archaeological levels, and we can see one of the characteristic features of the old mediaeval quarters that Calvi refers to in his writings: the existence of wall-houses. The next bulwark is Sant Jordi, after which you can catch sweeping views of the tourism facilities between Ses Figueretes and playa d’en Bossa (beach). You must also see the views of the landscapes from the next bulwark, Sant Bernat.

Ronda Calvi
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