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Es Savinar tower

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Old defence tower overlooking the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Venadrell, close to Cala d'Hort, it rises to 200 metros above sea level. It is well preserved and offers incredible views. The spot has also been called Cap Jueu, Cap de la Oliva and Cap des Freu. It belongs to the parish of Es Cubells in the municipality of San Jose and is the highest tower on the island of Ibiza; when weather permits, it offers glimpses of the coasts of the Spanish mainland. At present, the area is colloquially known as the Pirate's Tower because of Blasco Ibañez' novel, Los muertos mandan, which was set there. It was designed around 1756 by Master Engineer Juan Ballester, although construction would not conclude until October 26, 1763. The tower has two storeys, the first of which is divided into two equal parts: one faces the sea, while the other is subdivided further into two different-sized areas, one of which was used to store gunpowder and the other, larger area containing stairs built into the wall that lead to the upper storey. The land where it is located is private property, although visits are permitted. Please consult the Tourist Information Office for availability. The premises can be reached by private vehicle, although the last part of the path can only be reached on foot.

Es Savinar tower
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