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Ethnological Museum of Ibiza

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Ethnological Museum of Ibiza

New visitors to our islands are accompanied by curiosity about the culture and customs of the ancestral people who populated the Pitiusan Islands and their influence on our times. Therefore, the Ibiza Island Council, through the direction of the Ibiza Ethnography Museum and in collaboration with the Fundació Illes Balears, promotes the recovery, conservation and dissemination of our ethnologic heritage and offers temporary and permanent exhibitions and even living examples of artisans at work. The Ibiza Ethnography Museum, located in Can Ros des Puig de Missa in Santa Eulària des Riu, offers historic-ethnographic examples of the culture, economy and popular customs of the Pitiusan Islands, such as clothing, jewellery, farming implements and oil and winemaking tools. Inaugurated on May 1, 1994, the museum aims to recover and research all aspects of Pitiusan country life and holds exhibitions on the wide range of heritage materials that is being recovered. The museum's permanent exhibitions include one room dedicated to clothing and jewellery, another for all types of farming implements and a third to miscellaneous objects. A tour of the house reveals other exhibits, such as a wine cellar that demonstrates how winemaking takes place, the kitchen, where women did part of their work; the trull or oil press for oil making, bedrooms and a porch on the upper storey, which offers a spectacular view of the municipality and its coastline. The Museum also houses temporary exhibitions that are organised and sponsored by the Ibiza and Formentera Council, such as the 'Capells i Espardenyes' exhibit, which features the basic items in traditional Pitiusan clothing - hats and espadrilles - and an exhibition entitled 'Imatges i Maquetes Etnogràfiques', which features images and scale models that reflect typical elements of the Pitiusa's cultural heritage. In addition, during the summer a group of craftsmen show how their work is done in public by making musical instruments, esparto products and traditional garb. Further information: Museu d'Etnografia d'Eivissa Can Ros des Puig de Missa 07840 Santa Euràlia des Riu Ibiza Tel. +34 971 332 845 meef@cief.es Mornings 10.00-13.00 Afternoons --01/10-31/03: 16.00-18.00-- 01/04-30/09: 17.00-20.00-- Closed: sundays

Ethnological Museum of Ibiza
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Camí Cementeri Vell, 23, Santa Eulària des Riu

Neighborhood: Santa Eulària des Riu
Telephone: Tel. +34 971 332 845
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