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Sa Caleta

Beaches | Santa Eulària des Riu
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Sa Caleta is situated at 1,6 kilometres from Santa Eulària des Riu, located between ses Roquetes-Punta des Faralló and Punta de sa Caleta-s'Estanyol, as well as next to the village of Can Sansó. This u-shaped sea inlet is not very big and it finishes on a rocky area, on the sides, with some golden fine-grained sand and a gradual slope. This structure of the coastline makes the access to children and elderly people of the families quite difficult and the space for sunbathing is quite small. This bay is open to the wind from the southeast, which normally is quite moderate. The marine ground has a gentle slope, it is sandy in the central area of this small bay, whereas on the sides there are rocks covered with seaweed. The navigator has to know that in the surroundings of Punta des Faralló and sa Caleta there are reefs. The nearest port facilities are located at Port Esportiu de Santa Eulària des Riu. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. You can also reach this beach with the public transport. The nearest bus stop is located at three hectometres. From sa Caleta you can also reach on foot the nearby non developed beach of ses Roquetes, after a short walk. These characteristics explain that the beach is very crowded by local visitors and tourists. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the municipal tourism office below: Tourist Information - Santa Eulària des Riu General information on the island: Tourist Information - Ibiza/Eivissa Main technical dataType of access: 100 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boatsAverage width: 20 metersAccess for disabled people: NoDegree of occupancy: LowAnchoring zone: Yes

Sa Caleta
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Niu Blau, Santa Eulària des Riu

Neighborhood: Santa Eulària des Riu
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