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Cala Benirràs

Beaches | Sant Joan de Labritja
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Cala or Port de Benirràs is situated at 7,5 kilometres from Sant Miquel de Balansat, located between the Punta de Cova de s'Orenga and Blanca, as well as below Puig des Guixar (189 metres high). This deep and virgin u-shaped sea inlet finishes on a beach which is not too big, with golden sand, gentle slope, which is perfect for children and elderly people, and it is surrounded by cliffs on the top of which you can see a thick pine wood. The water is transparent. The marine and underwater conditions for anchoring boats are good in the summer, because the wind from the east blows quite gently. But if the wind blows from the west-northeast this coastal corner becomes dangerous as anchorage. This beautiful sea inlet has a small island in the entrance which you have to avoid, and in the interior there is a depth that ranges from six to 12 metres on a sandy ground with seaweed. From Cala Benirràs you can walk along a trail which goes from this beach to the adjacent Port de Sant Miquel and which passes the cave Cova de Can Marçà, which is really beautiful for speleology and used as a shelter by the smugglers. The accessibility by car is easy following the signs and the deviations. The last part has to be done on a steep road. The private car can be left on a free parking area in the surroundings. These characteristics explain that the beach is very crowded by local visitors and tourists. Information about this beach may change. To confirm the data or consult changes or new features, please contact the tourism office below: Tourist Information - Ibiza/Eivissa Main technical dataType of access: 132 metersType of access: For pedestrians - For vehicles - For boatsAverage width: 63 metersAccess for disabled people: YesDegree of occupancy: HighAnchoring zone: Yes

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  • Cala Benirràs

    Impresionante puesta de sol combinados con los hippies y sus tambores.

  • Cala Benirràs

    Una puesta de sol que no te puedes perder. Genial el beach club Elements.

  • Cala Benirràs

    Es el lugar más mágico del mundo

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Cala Benirràs
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Carrer Benirràs A, 1B, Sant Joan de Labritja

Neighborhood: Sant Joan de Labritja
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